About Sami Sarkis Stock Photo Library


Based in Marseille (Provence, France), we focus on Aerial views, Underwater, Marine life, Environmental, Conceptual and Travel imagery, not only in France, but worldwide (50 countries). All our archives (>100,000 pictures) and the latest shots aren't yet online, so please check with us if you can't find the right image on our site, we might have it on file!


ssignments are welcome, 
here in Provence, or anywhere on Earth! We specialize in Aerial views assignements in France not only by plane or helicopter 
but also by UAV (electric drone).
Check our
Drone-Pictures.fr website or licence our aerial work (photo and videos) from HOsiHO.com, our highly curated collections of Aerial Stock Footage shot around France and the world!

NewFind and arrange a drone-shooting in France through this new B2B platform HOsiHO network : Drone Operators Network in France!


ur work is also available through major distributors: Getty Images, Agefotostock, PhotoAlto and Alamy. It has been published in hundreds of various publications worldwide, since more than 25 years.





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